What A Building Experience Should Be.
What A Building Experience Should Be.

Basement Remodeling

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Sullivan and Forbes is a basement finishing and remodeling company located in Gainesville, GA. We work with clients all over the North Georgia area to transform cold, bare basements into practical and inviting spaces. Finishing a basement can be very complicated but will end up increasing the value of your home if it is done correctly! That's why it is important to hire a professional for your renovation needs. We know the ins and outs of basement remodeling design and standards.

Since basements are usually underground, they are very cool and get a lot of moisture. This is something we get under control before starting the renovation process. Our experts can inspect your basement to see if there is any potential for water damage or mold problems in conjunction with preventing moisture in the future. We are very efficient in checking for permits on renovations as well as making sure all of the electrical work is up to code.

From insulating walls and ceilings to installing the right flooring, Sullivan and Forbes is your answer for basement renovation. We are meticulous in the quality of work we provide and are always creating new ways to help our clients. Contact us today to get started or check out some of our basement remodeling ideas!


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