What A Building Experience Should Be.
What A Building Experience Should Be.

Home Remodeling Video

Sometimes seeing the work being done from start to finish is the best way to understand what all is involved with a home remodeling project. In the videos listed below you will be able to see each step of the process and all that went into making this another successful project, courtesy of Sullivan & Forbes!

Cavanaugh House Remodel - Episode 1

  • Review of the blueprints
  • Overview of the scope of work including the addition of a new master suite and detached garage.

Cavanaugh House Remodel - Episode 2

  • Excavating on the timber wall.
  • Adding a concrete/stone wall. 
  • Adding a sub wall.
  • Using a line pump to pour concrete along the ground from a tube about 4" in diameter.

Cavanaugh House Remodel - Episode 3

  • Showing the shape of the new retaining wall.
  • Seeing the new master suite foundation.
  • Framing for the new master suite.
  • *Seeing Dwight incorrectly measure by 1/8"!

Cavanaugh House Remodel - Episode 4

  • New cedar detail being added to the gble.
  • A closer view of the details. 
  • A view of the new pool.
  • A view from the inside looking out.

Cavanaugh House Remodel - Episode 5

  • A finished view / tour.
  • Different textures on the exterior of the house (metal corner returns, Hardy Shakes in the gable, cedar in the gable truss, stone work, shutters, and a brick band that ties the whole house together)

Cavanaugh House Remodel - Episode 6

  • Photos & finished shots