What A Building Experience Should Be.
What A Building Experience Should Be.
Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

With granite counter tops at historic low prices, there has never been a better time for remodeling your kitchen.  Combine the excellent pricing on materials and a recovering real estate market and even a minor kitchen remodel can add over $15,000 to the value of your home at little cost to you.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

kitchen-makeoverA lot of times when our kitchen remodeling contractors go out to look at a kitchen we don’t automatically recommend replacing the existing kitchen. Depending on the condition of the cabinets and whether they are fitting the customers’ functionality needs, we may be able to use all or some of the existing cabinets. Take time to access your kitchen and decide what your main complaints are. If the functionality is there but the look is outdated our contractors can do a few simple and inexpensive upgrades to completely transform your kitchen.

A few remodeling ideas we often recommend are updated finishes, adding cabinet panels to end units and incorporating modern conveniences. Modern components like pull outs, under cabinet lighting, dish racks, lazy Susan cabinets for unused corner areas and hidden charging stations make your kitchen instantly more modern and efficient. Also consider unique design elements such as seeded glass, ceiling height cabinets or custom panels for appliances to create that built- in look. These potentially simple upgrades, whether you have a large or small kitchen, can take your home to the next level.

Kitchen Remodeling Made Simple

Most of these kitchen remodels can be done without having to remove and replace any of the existing structure– keeping your cost low and downtime at a minimal. It’s just too easy to do this – if you’re kitchen already works for you, just a few updates can add tremendous value to your home. To see some Sullivan & Forbes kitchen transformations check out before and after videos narrated by our professionals.

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Sullivan & Forbes’ kitchen remodeling contractors can perform an upgrade of your existing cabinets, lighting fixtures and hardware. Contact your local kitchen remodeling contractor and tell us about your project. Check out our photo gallery for even more kitchen remodeling ideas.


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