What A Building Experience Should Be.
What A Building Experience Should Be.

Bathroom Renovation

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Bathroom remodeling is a complex project and it is easy to get in over your head! There are a number of external features that are complicated to install, such as tile, vanities or fixtures. The even bigger task is understanding the internal workings of plumbing and electric. Our team at Sullivan and Forbes is ready to help make this process as easy as possible! We are constantly creating ways to incorporate different bathroom designs and layouts.

We consider many things when undergoing a bathroom renovation. Some of the big ones include:

  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Layout
  • Lighting

At Sullivan and Forbes, the first thing we take a look at is flooring. When you start from the ground up it makes it easier for everything else to line up in the overall bathroom design. We recommend picking out your flooring first. Next, consider the layout of your bathroom. It's good to explore different ways of arranging the features to enhance the space you have. We know a multitude of ways to optimize space for small bathrooms as well as big bathrooms. Finally, don't ignore the lighting! We have found that this makes a huge difference in bathrooms. It is key to consider natural lighting options as well as the placement of your fixtures.

A bathroom remodel can create a great deal of stress which is why it's helpful to hire a professional. At Sullivan and Forbes we are here to make the bathroom renovation an enjoyable experience. Each bathroom we remodel has its own innovative layout and design. Contact us today and see how we can help with your bathroom renovation!


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