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What A Building Experience Should Be.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Homeowners have many options when it comes to remodeling their bathroom.  Often time's people will change the layout of their bathroom to better accommodate their lifestyle.  A couple of examples may include rearranging the position of equipment such as a shower or sinks to make room for a tub or added closet space.    Below are some bathroom remodeling ideas that could go a long way in increasing the beauty and value of your bathroom.


Avoid the "shadow trap".  The shadow trap is when you look into a mirror and are not able to see yourself very well.  This usually has something to do with the lighting hitting your face.  Eliminating "focused" lighting can help prevent the shadow trap.  Try using a more soft focus or diffused light fixture and make sure your light fixtures are mounted at or above eye level.  Skylights or open windows are also a great way to let natural light in which will do wonders for your bathroom space.  

Mirror Frames

A custom mirror frame will go a long way in helping your dated bathroom mirrors look one of a kind.  This is an inexpensive solution and can typically be a "do it yourself" type task.  

Bathroom Vanities

Installing a new bathroom vanity is a great way to showcase your style along with having a functional space in your bathroom.  Many older homes lack the charm of a custom bathroom vanity, and installing a vanity can create a space that is warm and inviting.  Bathroom vanities can also accommodate a range of styles including southern, contemporary or European just to name a few.   

Bathroom Accessories

A boring, out dated bathroom can be completely transformed by simply changing out the accessories such as cabinet hardware and towel bars.  In addition to making this change, replacing your faucets is another accessory that you can't overlook.  These seemingly simple tasks will go a long way in giving your bathroom a much needed facelift.

Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are a trend many homeowners are turning to.  Not only do they function properly, but they provide clean lines which can contribute to the overall design of your bathroom.  Ignoring your shower space is one pitfall many homeowners fall into when remodeling their space. 

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