What A Building Experience Should Be.
What A Building Experience Should Be.

Bathroom Design

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Picking a bathroom design can be intimidating. This being the place you spend a lot of time, you want it to fit your needs as well as your style. At Sullivan and Forbes we strive to design bathrooms that are specific to each of our customers. We create innovative spaces that are aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Below are some simple design ideas, but we encourage mixing and matching to meet your needs!

Traditional Style

We find that a lot of our clients want a traditional bathroom design. Seen in a lot of homes today, this simple design is the base structure for any bathroom. It's also a great place to start for a person that doesn't know what they will need. Depending on what you're dealing with, either a master bathroom or a smaller bathroom, the amenities can vary. The main thing to realize is how basic a traditional design is. We tend to use white as a base for this type of design and then accent it with elegant marble, intricate tile or detailed woodwork.We work with you to put your own personal touch on your bathroom design!

Rustic Style

Rustic designs are widely popular for bathrooms, especially for homes in the North Georgia Mountains. We see this type of bathroom in our client's country homes, as well as in cabins and lake houses. These rustic bathrooms gravitate towards warm colors and natural materials such as wood, metal, or stone. We also encourage large tubs with an excellent window view if the bathroom overlooks nature!

Modern Design

Modern bathroom designs are always based on new age ideas. These spaces are cutting-edge in gadgets and are generally structured with clean lines and open spaces. Frameless shower doors and floating vanities are the latest in modern design that populate homes today. The modern bathrooms we create have an overall theme of luxury and simplicity while still being practical.

Bathroom Design Ideas

At Sullivan and Forbes, we integrate all areas of design styles to provide the ultimate bathroom renovation for our clients. Wondering where to start in creating your perfect bathroom space? Contact Sullivan and Forbes today or check out some of our other designs in our photo gallery.


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